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Andis "ShowEdge"

Made in the USA – As a clipper intended for large animals one’s first impressions suggest a really nice lightweight and compact machine of the perfect length, certainly for use with both cattle and horses, coupled with what appears as an excellent wide blade range. The ergonomically slim handpiece of this very professional two speed clipper with its curved head could have several uses with both exhibition cattle and possible full bodied horse clipping fitted with a suitable blade.

Excellent design features incorporating a very attractive slim and compact handpiece with a unique curved clipping head as seen only on one previous make. This style of head allows for a greatly improved clipping access in those more difficult areas of the animal. Blade attachment is crisp and positive with the blade release lever accessible and easy to operate. The fact that the blades require no pre tensioning will bring great “relief” too many equine users. 

Our practical tests suggested the 2-speed rotary motor runs cooler and delivers a powerful cutting performance, with the ability to be set to run at one of two clipping speeds, and when in use has an acceptable noise level at both speeds, although obviously quieter on the slower speed. There is a suggestion of vibration at both speed levels, which for some potential users may probably exclude this machine from use on animals of a highly nervous temperament. Certainly when clipping areas such as the face it would be better to use a smaller trimmer rather than the “Showedge” even with a narrow blade. Frankly much will depend upon the animal’s temperament!

Manufacturer: ANDIS of the USA
Type: Mains powered, light duty
Voltage rating: 110/230v/50Hz
Wattage: 35
Weight (with wide blade fitted): 0.55kgs
Length (with wide blade fitted) 8.3/10-inches/21cm
Cutting speeds TWO 3400/4400 scm
Casing colour: Black
Blade type: Detachable A5 type
Blade tensioning required: No
Cable length: 3m
Guarantee period: One year


Boxed/mains clipper with lead, plug adapter and four interchangeable snap on plugs - UK/USA/EU/UAE/ANDIS ShowEdge "General" 3.2mm wide blade/90ml oil/cleaning brush/instruction manual. 

£115.00 + VAT