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Suppliers of specialist grooming products for most large animal species

(i. e. Dairy and Beef Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Llamas, Alpacas and Pigs) - We look forward to supplying you with the best quality and the largest range of grooming products available in the UK.

We source as many products as possible from the UK All our Soaps, Cotton halters, English Traditional Beef Halters, Limmoshine, Megashine, Hairset, Jet Black, Woolmix and Fleecefix and all but one of our Shampoos are made in the UK. However in our position as market leaders in the UK and Ireland we are determined to offer our customers every quality product range we can find. Hence we are major distributors for Stone's, Sullivan Supply, Weaver Leather's "The Winner's Brand" and Nasco whose products are to be found in show boxes throughout the world.

Showtime will provide you with everything you need from training your animal to entering the show ring, even clothing to advertise your herd We also supply many products for the animals, sadly, not quite up to show standard but whose needs are still important. Items such as tags, clippers, hoof care, probiotics or the many other things they require on a daily basis. Please call us and let us know your requirements.



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