Show Soaps

***Show Soap in summer***

It has been noticed that this product is softer in the summer. There are a number of reasons for it. Firstly soap that is made when the weather is warmer doesn't set quite as quickly as soap made in the cooler weather. Contrastingly soap that is made when it is very cold sets almost before it can be poured into pots. Secondly soap needs to be stored in a cool place, ideally, which is not often possible when you are at a show, but do store it in a shady place and avoid direct sunlight. Thirdly soap needs ideally a couple of months "in the tub" to mature in order to be at its best. Longer if possible. This year our sales from April to July have been 40% higher than the equivalent period last year (thank you!). As a result our buffer stocks were sold out very early in the show season, and the soap going out now is therefore quite recently made of necessity. We can and indeed are now making some "stronger" soap, but this needs to be summer soap as it is likely to be on the hard side once the weather turns colder. If you are really particular about the texture of your soap, and you have a suitable cool storage place, then your best plan would be to plan ahead and order enough in March or April to last you through the warm summer months.