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Osmonds Premium Brand Calf Colostrum Supplement

Easily mixed powder product containing pure dried EU Colostrum.

  • Helps maintain a high health and immune status in newborn calves
  • Contains Nucleotides - the building blocks of life to help give calves the best start
  • Feed to newborn calves that require a Colostrum Supplementation
  • Easy to use, easily mixed, use with confidence
  • Provides added health and energy maintaining nutrients
  • Guaranteed Johnes Disease, EBL, BVD and TB FREE
  • Supplied in easy to use 2 litre bottles or economical bulk sizes
  • Feed within 5 hours of birth



  • 100% Pure Dried Colostrum
  • Premium Quality Milk Replacer
  • Added Health Maintaining Nutrients
  • Vetoxin
  • Plus Vitamins, Trace Elements & Minerals

Feeding Instructions

Simply add clean warm water (37°C) to the bottle contents (200g) and feed to new born calves in need of Colostrum Supplementation.

Feed preferably within 5 hours of birth

£16.75 - 955.00

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