Winner's Brand Natural Hold

Winner's Brand Natural Hold


Innovation Matters. The latest innovation in livestock supplies is here. Just because you’re competing at a non-paint show doesn’t mean your calf can’t look its best. Weaver Leather Livestock saw the need for a show hair product with holding power that can be used at non-paint shows. Over six years of research and development and the rigorous testing of over 25 formulas went into our product to ensure it gives you consistent, professional results when it matters most. Weaver Leather is proud to present Natural Hold! Natural Hold provides ideal holding power while still leaving your calf with a natural appearance in the show ring. Natural Hold works well for a variety of hair types and fitting applications including legs, tailheads, tops and flanks. It also dries quickly to a hard finish for easy clipping. Have confidence in the show ring at non-paint shows with Natural Hold. Your show supplies are not complete without Natural Hold.

  • No paint, no problem - this is the industry's first product specially formulated for non-paint shows
  • Unique formula promotes a natural hair look while providing ideal holding power for a variety of hair types
  • Quickly drying to a hard finish, Natural Hold makes it easy to clip your calf's hair for precise, professional results when it matters most

283g aerosol.

£9.15 + VAT