Aesculap Econom II

Aesculap Econom II
Aesculap Econom II

Aesculap has a long established reputation for quality amongst the black and white cattle showmen as well as many beef exhibitors.

  • Fast, powerful cutting speed with a high cutting stroke per minute speed
  • Top performance - high powered 200 watt motor
  • 2750 strokes/min
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Considerably improved ventilation with increased aeration vents
  • Slim casings and balanced weight for ease of handling
  • Built for easy maintenance
  • Plug in circuit board
  • Internal electronic speed control with overload protection
  • Top quality, wear resistant cutting blades for extra life between re-sharpening
  • Cutting blades made of special abrasion-resistant steel which can be re-sharpened many times
  • NOW with 3 years warranty
  • Supplied with GT501 upper blade and GT502 lower blade
  • Accepts Heiniger and Stewart Oster Blades


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£320.00 + VAT