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Shapley's Mane Mousse

  • Time Saving Braiding and Banding aide
  • Provides Optimum Control and Grip to Easily and Professionally Braid or Band Hair
  • Keeps Braids Tight and Neat
  • Controls Hair and Keeps Stray Hairs at a Minimum in Humid or Windy Weather
  • Use on Long Manes and Tails to Keep Hair in Place
  • Never Sticky or Slick
  • Perfect 'Grip' to Braid the Hair
  • Can be Applied to Wet or Dry Hair
  • Adds Volume and Shine to Hair
  • Adds Body, Fullness and Shine to Tails
  • Adds Waves when Needed while Controlling Stray Hair
  • Use on Feathered Legs to Create Fullness on Draft Breeds
  • Quick & Easy to Use
  • Recommended By Grooms, Trainers and Farriers
  • Can be used with Smaller Animals


         396g Aerosol

£15.20 + VAT

Make your choice of grooming products from all the major brands including the world leaders Sullivan's and Doc Brannen's and our own ShowTime brand made in the UK. We now have on offer more products than ever for cattle, sheep, horses & pigs in our 2017 catalogue...