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OrlDen Hair Oil

OrlDen Hair Oil is proven against the 5 main fungi which cause ringworm. Paint onto the affected area for 2 - 3 days. The ringworm will be dead within 5-10 days after application. Hair oil prevents fungi spores developing into lesions and may be applied as a preventative treatment. Hair oil is effective against mites in feathered horses, mites which cause mange in dogs with 1 or 2 applications and is a powerful insect repellent. It has also killed warts after a number of applications.       

Directions for use:          

Hair Oil - Do not dilute


Apply directly to the ringworm lesions for 2-3 successive days by brush. More frequent applications will kill the lesions quicker. Kills ringworm on cattle, horses, dogs and cats.


Apply directly to the affected area and borders and massage gently. It is totally safe for hair and will not burn or cause the animal to lose any hair. Repeat for 2 or more days if required. Effective on cattle, dogs and horses.

Warts/ Angleberries

Apply directly, ensuring the warts are fully covered with Hair Oil. Repeat this for at least 5 days. Warts will turn black before disappearing within weeks.

Fly Repellent

Apply directly to area irritated by flies for instant and long lasting relief.

500 ml.

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£30.00 + VAT

****All Cheviot colours are currently out of stock - We have an alternative product Brown Bloom*****

This will improve the colour of Suffolk, Hampshire and other breeding sheep. Each 250ml bottle will be enough for 150 gallons of dip depending on the shade required. Can also be added to a solution of dip and sprayed directly on to the sheep. Leaves a digestive biscuit colour when used properly. This product must be added to a solution of dip to obtain proper results. 

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