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Henderson Cattle Castrating Equipment with DVD

The Henderson Tool has been used by veterinarians and livestock producers on hundreds of thousands of bulls in the last eight years and has proven to be safe, easy, fast, and effective. Castration with the Henderson method, results in little or no blood loss, less stress, swelling, infection and trauma. 

  • Minimizes blood loss and risk of haemorrhage through the severed cord. 
  • Usefull in any age bull, especially heavier bulls where risk of blood loss, swelling and infection are high.
  • Utilizes twisting action which effectively closes the severed cord.
  • Reduces risk of post-castration swelling, infection and trauma.
  • Less chance for infection to enter the abdominal cavity.
  • Appears to be less pain post- surgery.
  • Easy to use and faster than many other forms of castration.
  • Field tested by veteinarians.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction for years of service.
  • Use with a standard variable speed cordless hand-drill.

£245.00 + VAT