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Wolseley Kite

The Kite, the new heavy duty clipper from Wolseley, embraces modern technology enabling it to deliver power and performance when required to meet the toughest clipping challenges. It has an extremely powerful 200 watt DC permanent magnet motor delivering power equivalent to 400 watt AC. The slim hand piece is ergonomically designed to make clipping easier and less tiring. It is lightweight and has an extremely low noise and vibration level for a clipper of its size. This modern, robust, heavy duty clipper is ideal for professional equine and all types of cattle clipping.

  • Mains powered.
  • Easy to use new blade tensioning system.
  • Alternative spring included for customers preferring to use the traditional tensioning method.
  • Internal motor overload switch to protect clippers from damage (easy to reset by turning clipper on and off).
  • Advanced aeration system keeps the motor cool during clipping. It also helps prevents blades from getting uncomfortably hot for your horse when clipping.
  • Optional choice of blades, A2 blades (medium), A6 blades (coarse) and A7 blades (extra-coarse).
  • Supplied in strong storage case with a clipper brush and a 200ml aerosol of Wolseley clipper oil.
  • 2 years warranty

£299.00 + VAT

****All Cheviot colours are currently out of stock - We have an alternative product Brown Bloom*****

This will improve the colour of Suffolk, Hampshire and other breeding sheep. Each 250ml bottle will be enough for 150 gallons of dip depending on the shade required. Can also be added to a solution of dip and sprayed directly on to the sheep. Leaves a digestive biscuit colour when used properly. This product must be added to a solution of dip to obtain proper results. 

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