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Be more productive this calving season

  • Tail mounted, non-invasive calving sensor
  • Proven greater than 95% acuracy
  • Notifies you one hour before calving starts
  • Be present at every calving
  • Enusre best start in life (colostrum etc.)

The Moocall calving sensor monitors your cows contractions and sends you a notification one hour before she is due to calve.

  • New 'world first' technology for farming
  • Works in low network coverage areas.
  • 30 day fully rechargeable battery.
  • Connects to two cell phones of your choice.
  • After calving, move to the next cow.
  • One sensor per 30 cows on average.
  • 12 months service included with purchase.
  • After 12 months an annual service charge of £89 plus tax applies. This covers network connection, unlimited SMS notifications, software and support.


£239.00 + VAT